Mortgage & Home Loans Leads & Appointment

Do you know – Absolute Call Core have the complete solution for Mortgage & Home Loans Opportunities?

Absolute Call Core provides you a complete solution for the mortgage leads. We will give you a client qualified lead for mortgage telephone appointment and a detailed fact-find. Each mortgage telephone appointment will have been pre-qualified after the potential client has made their initial enquiry – in addition Absolute Call Core will arrange a date and time for you to speak to the potential client and each telephone appointment will come with a detailed fact find!

If needed Absolute Call Core will provide you with a real-time online diary to avoid double bookings. Each mortgage telephone appointment will be exclusive to you. Absolute Call Core never cross sell.

You will never receive duplicate leads or joe bloggs leads. There are no long-term contracts.

In theory Absolute Call Core become your very own external marketing company. Which could potentially save you time, money and employing a telesales team and leads been wasted by less experienced telesales people.

Absolute Call Core is a Australian based business and have been in business since 2011 and have fantastic testimonials

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